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These excerpts are in no particular order...they are intended to give you a "feel" for the book

As soon as he sat down, in walked Cathy Mathias with another sorority sister. They took a seat two tables away from Tony with Cathy facing in his direction. *Tony starred at her, and again could not believe how beautiful she was, even in the unforgiving florescent light. She brushed back her long silky hair with her hand, revealing her face to him fully and he memorized her features. If the unthinkable were to happen and he was never to see her again, he could take this image of true beauty with him through eternity, he thought.

Life's ironies are rarely presented so graphically, and in such a short time frame--served up for people with caring thought to ponder. *"I don't even try, Tony. Life is laced with irony. There is also no great shortage of tragedy. What I have learned is to always try and apply the best of yourself to any situation. Sometimes the best is to choose the lesser of two evils. Sometimes the best is extreme self-sacrifice. Sometimes the best is knowing when to throw in the towel. Always the best is to rest in the comfort of your decision." *The two men drove in silence for several minutes. Tony, reflecting on the wisdom of Evan's statement. Evan, resting in the comfort of his decision.

"Sean, listen!...I touch her lips as I tremble and ask myself...'would you die for the one that you love?' My only answer is 'gladly'. My regret is that if I only have the one life, can I only die for her the one time?"

Judy was staring blankly out of the window in the family lounge when Tony walked in. * "How is he Tony?" Judy asked, not even looking at him--continuing to stare out the window. * "I just gave him something for the pain. He wants to see you." * "How many tears can a person have, Tony? I mean do they teach you things like that in medical school?" * "They teach you very little about how to deal with this." * "He looks so pitiful, Tony. I mean a human being wasn't meant to have all of those tubes in him--wasn't meant to have his dignity stripped from him so cruelly--wasn't meant to have people who love him watch helplessly as he suffers so." She brushed her hand against the sill, as she continued. "Last night, he held my hand and asked if I would lie next to him in his bed. He said that that was the worst of all that's happened to him--to not be able to lie next to me in bed. To not be home with me in our bed, with Jenna lying between us, each of us taking turns stroking her soft hair and kissing her tiny forehead. Do they teach you about such things in medical school, Tony?" * Tony put his arm around her shoulder. "They teach you so very little about so much." * "To lie in bed with with me--our bed. The bed that we came together in, and held each other so closely that we were no longer two people, but one--co-creating that beautiful baby. Is that too much for someone to ask for, Tony?" She turned to Tony, and he now also saw the pain in her eyes as well as hear her express it. From the depth of her pain, she couldn't see his. She wasn't supposed to. * Tony took her by the hand. "He's waiting for us."

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