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Heck....I'm a "people person"...I love to meet new and interesting people...I learn from them, and they enrich my life. I'm blessed with the kind of job that brings me into contact with many individuals. Diverse individuals. I try to learn something from everyone that I meet...and I attempt to impart some of the shared wisdom that I've aquired over the years. Sometimes things click...sometime they do not...always at least an attempt was made.

My email address is:  ricode99@hotmail.com

Please feel free to contact me...especially concerning my novel...since that is what this page was intended for. I would only ask that those of you out there with a twisted sense of humor refrain from spamming my email server....I have no need for any more credit cards or mortgage rate information. Also, please do not send me long attachments...they eat up my mail box and prevent me from receiving important mail. They will only be deleted without being read. If it is necessary to send me a long attachment....please contact me and I will give you a secondary email server address designed to accommodate such files.

Thank You


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